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P.R - Next Destination (Remix) Lyrics

ft. Awon

Awon, P.R

Every day of my life is education
Constant preparation for the next destination
I do my best to maintain a righteous reputation
I know I face the Maker at my evaluation
On another front I think I shared blunts with Satan
Broke bread with demons and heathens who brought reason
With darkness, the light that sparked in is my caliber
Instead of dropping science is more like rising logical
You see this in parenthesis and multiply the truth
Take away the fallacies and in you have the proof
Spiritual immortality, the fountain of youth
It ain’t about what you gain, it’s all in what you do
Evil deeds, planting wicked seeds, they won’t remember you
Acknowledge the Father, life art, the critics do
I get on my knees and pray I meet the fallen one day
And I ain’t bend the truth and the years, some days
It’s all about love but it feels like delusion
Feels like the pride, sounds like the music of lie
Every day full of joy and pain
Ups and downs, maybe sunshine and rain
But you still maintain, compelled to keep going
The world don’t stop, I pray…
My theory is we’re all put here to see
What it feels like to hurt, be in prison or free
That experience should get more points in your possession
Experience you gain will teach another man lessons
The lesson be awarded for your daughter or son
No matter what, if you seek it, your purpose will come
It’s might and my vessel is might for elevation
Tryna get a soul to the next destination

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