BIG SEAN - Sanctified Lyrics

Ever felt the angels moving around me now
I thought just what you think/
For it’s time for me
It’s a good day
I’ve been burned again
I’ve been burned again
I’ve been burned again

And this feeling I’m certified
Lord I testify
He’s right by my side
And you live with me
And it’ so clear to me,yeah,yeah

I said all I want is a hundred million dollars
Bad bitch plus that paper chasing,turning savage
Groupies in the lobby they just tryin’ to get established
God,I’ve been guilty for…from my status

Only real niggaz so I know that you’re still gonna be absent
I feel like I’m the black…
When I wake up and fuck up
I wish I had a movie last night on a couch
And I swear ,I swear
That that shit is a classic
If I want it I need it
If I need it I have it
It’s so much as a habit
I’m pretty I’m greedy
The tits are so big that I nick named them Diddy

I know the devil is calling
Let it ring,nigga
Right now I’m connected to Jesus…
So free my niggaz
If I’m in the field than you know that I tidy
Overtime ,all the time and then I repeat it
I need some got pussy and…
Stress is so hard that my head received it

The day I say what I’m feeling
I won’t no bag,there’s no need to receive it
Stuck to the bitch?
Will my life is stuck to the script
I don’t need to reread it

If you got my e-mail
You is a millionaire
If you got my cellphone
You is a millionaire
…I’m still the mayor
That Detroit nigga got married
But I’m still a player

Feel his blessings
Wash away my sins
I’’ll take it back
And I’ll be burnt again…

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