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TraviS Scott - Bad Mood/Shit On You Lyrics

Fuck outta my business
I done things that most men would ask forgiveness
Broke the code, the commandments from my descendants
Gives a fuck, new children in the building
We ride with no limits
Shut the fuck up, don't you hear me tryna finish?
I'm in a bad mood

Rob that dude, fuck that couch, burn that house
We the cause of the era, new niggas with new terror
A thousand on the leather, you niggas should know better
Some niggas new slaves, I do say (Fuck, fuck)
Twice only on a tuesday when I'm in a bad mood
Your skin mahogany
Let's break the monotony
Government threw us in a maze
Had me trickin' 40k for some grades
Just to make 40k for the wage
Dropped out and made that in one day
I'm in a bad mood

Oh, nigga I'm wilding on 'em, back pilling on 'em
I never feel the pain, only God can make it rain
So I must be Mary, Joseph, Allah
Kid of a disciple, these thoughts is suicidal
Jumpin' off a buildin', quit thinkin' like a psycho
They tryna find a nigga dead, Chris Lighty
Anxiety, under the meds, Kris Bobbi

Skinny black bastard ridin' Casper
I tend to lose my thoughts when I walk
They say I'm a slave so tell me the master
Now his head on the pendant by the cross
Coke'd it then I fucked her for the theory
You know I'm crazy, I'm straight, no weary
I hate when conversates can't relate
You know it be fucking up my groove when I'm in a bad mood

I can't wait just to shit on you

This one for the fuck fake niggas
That love to just hate, dog
Always talkin' that wild shit
See 'em never let them verbs off
All these fuckin' missed calls
Might delete the whole call log
Thousand dollars for the jeans, fam
She grip 'em when a nigga swerve off
Think I need a desert A, need to zip my face
Thinking they know Jacques, niggas don't know me
Grew up on my lonestar, niggas roll that weed

I can't wait, just to shit on you

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