LIL TWIST - Young Kobe Lyrics

Cusiam and I’m kobe, no don’t run around all this bithces
Roses rose trap down they gotta ball
I call it shit you know me
Turn it Jp down low, coped gona call it down low shit
Gotta empty five in the truck
Little nigga you can come get your ass
Ready niga I’m like an rebel
Little niga fucking bad penitention
Put it on a nigga like man don’t be a minest she fall
Ya little niga don’t warn it
All I gotta do it’s pop a couple sumes
Sound like click to the grup like the romans
Have this here by the play to the morning
Have to do what to do to be loyal
Coming loyal cuz he up and just loyal
So it’s fuck get nigga like mola
Catch money, get money all off oil
I mean younger bitch it make it look easy
Twenty four vie no favorits
Am I ball anyway no reason
And his bull gonna ball with no reason
You mean that you stay on my dick
I had to go stupid and shit
I beat the pussy up like a beat a beat up
Now it’s funny watch how try to be a sin
What you nigga gonna be, can love Richi Rich I’m in
I change this wipes like I change my drops
Maserati mersing like Ooh shit
Cusiam and I’m kobe

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