K Young - Karma Lyrics

I guess yu could say
I was a lil' out of line
To treat you like a secret
Breaking your heart for no reason
I 'pologize for the wrong I have done
But the truth is you can never be my only one

It's goddamn shame
(You ain't the kind of girl I'm tryna fall in love)
It's goddamn shame
(I came with lot of feelin' when you fuck with a nigga)
(Your body keeps turning me on)
I can't lie, everytime I try
And it's no secret
Girl, when you leave me
Karma keeps bringing you back to me

I hate to disapoint you
Who am I to wake you up from your dream?
(Dream on!)
Truth is, I never thought we'd be together
For so long
I can't lie, so many times I tried
To tell you, this ain't working out
I'mma keep sending you back to me


And don't ever forget
It was a privilege
The time we spent together
And I hope you protect your memory
The love we made will last for ever
But people change
Plus, I need a new lifestyle
I been feeling different for a long time


Thanks to constantinv for correcting these lyrics

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