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J. HOLIDAY - Thinkin About You Lyrics

Aye now fo real man
I can’t stay that long
Let’s go!

I’ve been doing wrong for so long
That it feels so right to me
But you’re just not right for me
But it¬ís something ¬Ďbout how you move on that floor
Way you be dancing and clappin and shakin it girl
Had to keep you in my world

You may not be me material (no, no, no)
But I don’t care (I don’t care…)
Girl your body and your face is so incredible
Can’t seem to get you out my head

Just can’t stop thinkin' about ya
Can’t stop thinkin' about ya
I just can’t stop thinkin' about ya
And my girl’s layin' in my bed
I know it sounds crazy
But it’s so real
It’s so real

I gotta see you one last time, baby
My girl gon' kill me but that’s fine, baby baby
When I’m alone with you
Feels like you’re the one
I’m heaven
Feels like heaven



If time stood still
I’d stay here with you forever
But I gotta go
Back to reality
Cus my ladies out there waitin up for me


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