Drew Seeley - Perfect Lyrics


Don’t you know?
(Don’t you know?)
I’ve been looking for this for so long
This for so long
And I don’t care
(I don’t care)
If it all falls down and I’m proved wrong
I’m proved wrong

But you can’t promise love
Just a diamonds in the rough
But what I see I know it’s more than enough


It ain’t gotta be perfect perfect
But I know that we’re worth it worth it
Everyone can see, there’s strength in us, we believe
It ain’t gotta be perfect perfect
Take a chance, just scratch the surface
Cause you will find if you give it time
We could be perfect

So perfect!

Now we can’t stop (we can’t stop)
Every time we hit a bump in the road
Don’t wanna just hold
Cause what we’ve got (what we’ve got)
There’s a million people searching their souls
For what we already know

And the lesson that we should learn (lesson that we should learn)
Is a game of giving trust
Play it on the line this time and let’s just run away


So perfect
We could be perfect
You know, you know, you know

It’s imperfect and I know it
We just learn it as we go
Trying to reach up to the stars
Every time we pull ourselves apart
Just remember the words I’ve said
Remember the words cause¬Ö
(It ain’t gotta perfect)


So perfect
We could be perfect

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