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Rick Ross - Oyster Perpetual Lyrics

This game itÂ’s all about timing
ItÂ’s all about your movement
Eyes is oyster perpetual
Swiss, so rock with that, presidential
The dirty niggas, right?
IÂ’m smoking to your face
We flow in other space
Her mainÂ’s snap the shoos
Getting straight to the cake
Hundred bottle, chick stay
This Â…was our money lauded?
Laundered maps on every corner
Point it that Â…like the boys IÂ’m vided
Being fake, cases like we wrap a men his five grates
Get the fears in, man yoga, by balling get a big breath
So focus somebody focal
Two women, two towels on hitting hour
Second minute, great switches, they drag bitches
But thatÂ’s my nigga, share bitches weÂ’re big in this
Real niggas getting money we split millions
Count the many of braking Â…sick of be ...
Get the dick out of bitch Â…
I gotta lick her feet
Sixty eight I digging deep
Pull it out side
They left Â…IÂ’mma earn Â…
Like I earn the dollar, underneath my girl earn matrices

IÂ’m nice with it nigga
Messed with my, March forth, streets of mine
Black boys, itÂ’s our life style

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