K. Michelle - I Dont Believe Lyrics

I don't believe in love
Cause I can't feel no pain
Been in so many dues
It just don't seem the same

I don't believe in you
Your album sales aren't true
I believe crooked sugars have insurance too
Don't believe that you gon'leave her for me

And that one was you tweetin' out your selffie
I do believe that you call yourself doing me
Hell, I bet you not in love, why can't you let me be?
Don't believe that God took my hun' from me

And I'm just cryn cause


I don't believe in nothin'
Pray to God that He'll show me somethin'
Cause I feel nothin'

I don't believe I'm single till this day
I don't believe in much
But I still pray
I don't believe the Grammies didn't nominate me
I'm a little record, but my music's everything

I don't believe my best man stole from me
I don't believe my sister cares for me
Make me a mother when I make me a wife
He made me smile, but always made me cry
It don't work out but I gotta try

And I'm just cryin' cause


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