Tree - Stay Away Lyrics

Stana love to tell me how my ex's bad
Different bags that they had and what niggas take with ‘em
Facebook tags pound bitches bad, no new friends, enemies and this liquor
And I ain't gonna lie, this shit just make a nigga mad
Seeing that ass in a dress on Twitter
Or your Instagram, who gives a dam
When you was my bitch, it wasn't no posting them
You used to be the devil with your god blessings
My realist homies moved away aye god bless ‘em
Mind restless 29 exit now I'm 30, 5 vests why worry iron extra
9 nines in a Vesta, I ain't got nine yes's, bunch of no's
But them hoes never could, God rest us
Still tomorrow still come like them boys IRSÂ’s
Tell my closest niggas you will never die ‘cause I won't let you
My arrests got lesser over years, 9/11 when my brethren died they ain't make the news, I question that

Stay away from me
Stay away from me
Stay away from me
Stay away from me

I was slinging onions, they was fifty dollars
Bought my first car, parked that bitch on the corner
Maroon with the top 80's Monte Carlo
Sipping on that water, Cuban link, the collar
Honeys, they cute, we holla invite ‘em to Doogie Howard's
Who happen to be one of those motherfuckers who truly power the streets
That you rudely prowl on in peace till you meet a nigga bout it
I was cool, I was smooth, baby talcum
Tryna make it out, maybe my outcome but where I'm from
I can't leave here with less without ‘em
And what I'm saying is maybe you really fucking doubt ‘em
I stand here right on the balcony praying that I make wrong working out eating this salad
And a smile or two the payment for all of your fucking malice as I ride pass Audi
Mouth wide outside look like it was baptized
Chat line, bitches in the front seat, 1, 3, 6 different countries
Models in they one piece sitting by the pool
Back in school ‘bout a month she fucking and it's cool

Stay away from me
Stay away from me
Stay away from me
Stay away from me

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