Ace Hood - Home Invasion Lyrics

ft. Vado

Player (hater)
Turn your head round (Turn your head round)
Lay on the ground
You’ve been robbed
Wake up (Wake up)
Open the door (Open the door)
Lay on the floor
You’ve been robbed

Nigger, I smell murder
Glock 9, put it in your sternum
10 killers in the Chevy
Nigger 16 with the burner
Tell 'em put the money in the bags, go and show me where the stash, acting funny with the cash ha?
Ok, niggers wanna play dumb-dumb
Dirty Glocks, never knowing where they come from
Bang, motherfucker get low
Hundred round chopper, that potato on the nose
Killers stay lurking and they do it on purpose
I just tell em keep shooting like they trying to overdose
Keep playing with a real nigger
You gonna end up in a box like Hilfiger
Yeah, yeah you looking at a gorilla
I don’t like no niggers holding niggers Glocks like a 4 wheeler
Cos that bitch go to kicking, blue cane
All black when I’m riding, Bruce Wayne
Niggers bump to the money, Hussein
Never change them true, 2 Chainz
Hundred grand to your boys like loose change
Better hush for that chopper wanna do things
Bang! Chit-chit bang-bang!


Phone call from my Haitian hommie say papi got the good yay
No cellphone, no landlines, he do business off the 2 way
Call the hommies, they gonna run up on him, got sticks a waving too late
You know what I came for so don’t play
Leave 100 O’s round where you stay, Lord
Somebody call the po-po
Snitch niggers die slow
Will they ever catch me?
Pussy nigger no no
Running out your mouth, I’m just hoping you about it
Every nigger with me, boy they ready get started
No patdowns when I walk up in the party
Smoking that skank, who he think he Bob Marley?
No games
When I pull up in that foreign, kill niggers
Hood nation motherfucker, real niggers
Won’t stop getting money, deal with it
Yeah I’m fucking your bitch and I’m still in it
No tints in the whip so you see me in it
I can run through a clip less than 2 minutes
Bang bang, reload til it start clicking


Uh, half a drank like who gave you?
Move caine, I’ve been Abel
Baking soda, no label
TV on but no cable
Streets talking, I heard em
Hands out but curd him
He don’t wanna work, he just wanted work
That he can handout and just burn him
Heard it all before though
Then went and copped the 4 though
Told pop I needed 4 more
He text me back like for sure
10 choppers going fofo
Chrome four four, crack blow tho
Had em all magnets
Why we don’t spoke
I mean no speak, I thought I won’t eat, nah
I’m tired niggers, tired niggers
Quick to talk how they tie niggers
I’m on the block like who’s tied nigger
Gun is cocked like who’s fire quicker
Corner pack like those my niggers
G spots, we racking them
Church guarded, I’m backing them
That’s a lot of money, we stacking them


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