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Plies - Ain't Gotta Lie Lyrics


You ainÂ’t gotta lie to me
Me, me, me, me
You ainÂ’t gotta lie to me
Me, me, me, me
‘Cause I ain’t gonna let you niggas lie to me
You ainÂ’t gotta lie to me
Me, me, me, me
You ainÂ’t gotta lie to me
Me, me, me, me
‘Cause one thing you ain’t gonna do is lie to me
You ainÂ’t gotta lie to me

I ainÂ’t met you, nigga, see you, nigga, you ainÂ’t trapping, though
What happened to all that white you talking about, you them rabid dog
Lie to some other motherfucker, you ainÂ’t gonna lie to me
No, you ainÂ’t no dog, ainÂ’t got no plug, you ainÂ’t gotta lie to me
Last time you tie some work, last time you see the brick, last time you round some dope
Last time you took a trip, last time I see you, nigga, you were running with trap niggas
Every time I run across you, you be running with rat niggas
Always talking about your trap, nigga, where your trap at?
Always talking about blowing shit, where the blow at?
Fake ass nigga, one thing you ainÂ’t gonna do is lie to me
You niggas will never make it on my dick


Now I'm in this shit for real, nigger, you saw a beast take it!
Why you nigger cndermining, you in ...
It's the grand flexing, you ain't do that shit in overtime
Why you niggers ain't posted some them haters somewhere right around?
You go with your mom and daddy, nigger, you a good boy
Now you want a nigger thinking you thugging, you a trick, boy
I can tell with one look at you, nigger, you a fucking squirrel
That's why when you look round at your shoulder, ain't no thug there
I respect them niggers who bang for real, not the ones who buy flags
I respect them nigger that towed the chopper, not your lying ass
One thing you ain't ever gonna do in life
I'mma tell you how I told them other niggers


Y'all niggers keep right on that fake motherfucking thugging, nigger
Keep right on playing like this shit a game out here, nigger
But a nigger can take a gun out of his pocket and put it on, abduct your ass, nigger
All y'all hoes who out here faking too
Everytime a cowboy get in your face, you fry your knuckles

Thanks to bria for correcting these lyrics

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