Plies - Money Bag Lyrics

Feat Problem

Came through stunting with a money bag

Keep them sucker niggas in my rear view
Stay with loud, hater, I can’t hear you
Bought a new crib with the hill view
Squad got more green than the field do
Holla out, salute to my real troops
Head bustin' when we come through and peel roofs
Got my bitch a new weave, and some ill boots
Throwing big green at a teal coupe
Chained up, never need to tuck it
And we ain’t filling y’all, like an empty bucket
Yo bitch just text like she ready to suck it
And I just drunk a fifth so I’m extra thuggish
So I turned on my way, no one, no day
The west is behind me like my name Kanye
Fly everyday, no gotty pass
And I came through stunting with a money bag


Came through stunting with a money bag

Picture me, no shirt. With a Mac 90 wrapped in my t-shirt.
Sit court side, with a bitch war
Got bond money on me if they do come
Fuck, nigga, you'on know me!
Wont roll like that you try to rob me
If you with me and you don't shoot
Then im airing out yo motherfuckin ass too..
Im in a car with a bitch that got a boyfriend
Finger in her pussy, talking to her boyfriend
Got a Porsche in my pocket, all C-Notes
Got a face in my lap, all deco
Still fuck a bitch in my backseat
with a yoppa on the floor, right beside me
Said the dick in her chest, I told her my bad!
run up on me 'n leave with a shit bag


I rolled with my brother when he went fed
Poured a whole fifth out, for my niggas dead
Got a stack i'll pay who got a best head
I ain't coming out your mouth 'till ya throat red
You ain't fucking with me, nigga, you got lil money,
I ain't fucking with you neither, be done told on me
Im a grand on this end, ain't shit a hundred
threw my dope out the window see patrol coming
All you niggas went broke, better tighten up
All you hoes ain't fucking, better back up
Look how she looking at me, wanna eat a nigga
Them niggers aint got a bitch, we the niggas!
Better snap out, or you get left, hoe!
Can't get your bitch pregnant, she on depo.
got yo bitch in a corner she on time out
told her pull her pants down and knock the line out


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