Plies - When I Die Lyrics

Know itÂ’s so crazy to me
That when you die, thatÂ’s when they show you the most love
They cry for you, get you flowers
Talk good about you
Man, donÂ’t do that shit when I die, nigga


They show you love when you die
Get you flowers when you die
Talk good when you die
They cry for you when you die
DonÂ’t do that shit when I die
Do it for me right now
DonÂ’t do that shit when I die
Do it for me right now, nigga

Niggas hate you when you living, niggas cry when you die
Niggas laughing, niggas hugging, but they hate you inside
Niggas showing fate, love, niggas shooting you lies
The world wanna see you go, they donÂ’t want you to shine
Never sleep on a nigga, so donÂ’t close my eyes
See the slime getting slimed, I ainÂ’t never surprised
When you die, trust they come with all the different shit
All the calls, all the crowd, all emotional shit
Niggers always told me it was a loco world
99.9% this world ain't thorough
Before they help your ass swim they drown you, fool
Boy, nigger show you love, he will lie on you, fool
The way they thought black party when they putting you in the ground
Want to throw a black party, nigger, throw it for me now!
Don't wait for me just to die before your N.T.
Show that same love now if you really for me!


The day I sit and write your mamma, have a proud day
When you was living they wouldn't need try to go by their way
All of a sudden, got nobody got nothing bad to say
left the fellas when you was living, you and him were straight
But niggers come with all the love when they put you away
When they drop you in that whole, niggers scared to hate
But when you was living ain't nobody wanna tear you a brake
Niggers rather talk down, get them dirty in your face
When you die, niggers know that you're gone for ever
I'd a sign off my mind is when the day is they miss you
All the deals, all the mornings, all the flowers come
Niggers feel you ain't a threat 'cause you dead and done
Got flowers for me, motherfucker? Give 'em to the ...
You gn'cry when I die? Nigger, cry for me now!
If you got love for me nigger, I need to feel it right now
No way to show me that you love me, motherfucker, when I die.


Thanks to constantinv for correcting these lyrics

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