HD - Aladeen Lyrics

I tear the roof off this bitch
'cause a nigger rap line get the roof off your bitch
Gotta kill the rap line
Put the noose on your lips
You close to the X
Get the fuck off the cliff!
It’s safer airwaves
Only place that sold disk
It’s for the hip-hop
All the niggers say I switch shit
The game long turned
‘cause I keep it low pitched
Bitch, I’m ‘bout the blow like atoms done split.
I’m dropping bomb on the Grammy’s
These niggers are Middle East
They play them on the radio to keep you off me
Thank God for the net
Now they can’t get rid of me
I don’t know about that but this is conspiracy
It’s the homeless nigger parked on the F
Across them 7/40 and he came up on the gat
But the creeper born coke
That’s some silly look back
But there’s a burner in his face,
Like get me all the cash!
See, I’m tired of playing nice
‘cause that’s when they show advice
In the pool, put the face knife
I don’t shake my hand, I’ve seen a knife
You can’t buy me, nigger fuck your price
Anybody can get it, nigger, fuck your life!
See, I’m not really a block boulder
Pack toaster, but I am really a Mac holder
Blast on you with them 60 no more
60 big holes, I’m a star, I’mma blow like it’s 1604
Se let me break it down,
I’mma get on some real shit
All you rap critics can suck my dick!
They be like: he sounds like Logic,
No! he sounds like Joey, he sounds like
Shut the fuck up and blow me!
And please don’t ask about that track with The Who
The shit was all good and then he started acting new
But let me keep it real, I’m really loving all your tools
But that don’t mean shit nigger, you target practice too
And this isn’t a disc, but if you really wanna move
I play two quarters, you the elephant in the room
You out of your element, you gon’end up in a tomb,
Niggers know I’m the nicest, this is evidence, here’s the proof
The city’s on the loose
The younger’s got the juice
It’s a new New York, niggers, let me introduce
Bizza, Bronx and Try of the Ave.
Zombies, and that nigger ask no spaz
The Ever, Ronnie B., Underachieved,
Black D, Demon C, The Rebel Nigger, peace!
Did you notice? I only said The Ever because
There’s only one motherfucking pro in this, ever


I’m from Brooklyn, so Cane is like grand-pa
Big is like old-pa, Big J is like my real pop
And you taught me everything I know
But if I must I will bring it to your head, pop!

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