Jennifer Nettles - Me Without You Lyrics

A little kiss of freedom,
I've forgotten how that tasted.
A little room for breathing,
then you're on your way.
There's a million little reasons
for this smile on my face.
Without those tears in my eyes
I bet you'd hardly recognize me.


Without you, well you left the cage door open
And your pretty bird just flew.
And I never knew, that I could fly so high
And the sky could be this blue.
I can't believe it's real,
So this is how it feels,
Me without you.

Now I wake up early,
Whole world feels new.
Seems so strange to ask myself
What do I want to do.
Now I don't know this road I'm on
Or where it's leading to,
But I know I'm gonna be alright.
The more I see, the more I like me.


Oh you had me believing I didn't have the strength for leaving.
But any fool can see I'm better off, just look at me.


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