See your ex and a bottle of beer
ItÂ’s brought up for you
This black stone and these ideas
I heard I got to live now,have you?
I remember you in marine uniformÂ…
LivinÂ’ on your ship Â…
I remember MacÂ… says he saw me
You have boots and strapped T-shirt
I believed you looked so bad
You ainÂ’t in your rockÂ’n roll thing
And the best thing you should ever have
Never really met him but he with the farmlands

In reach of dining halls
In apology and forgiveness
Got no place here at all
Here at the wall

IÂ’m sorry I missed you last year
CouldnÂ’t find any woman to drive me
If your eyes could cut through that black stone
Tell me they would recognize me?
For the living times and it must be served
For the day that goes on
Cigarettes and a bottle of beer
Skin on black stone

On the ground all tags and Â…of flowers
With the readings and readings of love
Readings is blood you spill
In the centre I was murdered
And she rushed down to Pennsylvania Avenue
RustlinÂ’ leaves cause they fall
And apology and forgiveness got no place here
Here at the wall

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