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Andrew Kelley - Execution In Autumn Lyrics

You stepped in the pit of the flame
You’re lost on beat street,
I’mma throw, spit on your name
Hit the road when they mention your name
It’s like Mike when he scored it like two seconds left in the game.
Small change, don’t step in my lane!
I rock too hardbody, I click bang, I give them the pain.
Nah, man, can’t keep with them games!
Your boy born with it, so how you gonna get him to change?
You are lame putting shit in the game!
Piranha wanna see me in this state greens imprisoned in chains
But I’m smooth like they’re groove to the listen and pray
And you only understand it if you’ve been through my pain.
I see white spitters in frames,
Hustle in my blood, bet my seeds gonna get it the same.
Yes, indeed, I’m destined to reign
So ahead of the game
All aboard, y’all get in the train!

Banana clip mackaholic, I slap your cap and join
Go on a freezer, gotta squeeze the tits out the toilet
Niggas is norbits, running up in the dice game, call it
Preacher suit on, holding a raw fifth!.
Put that calling, is dough in the ... stolen
Plastic bags laying in the flow where ya
Is just dog’s day, reservoir out Utah, yo
Where my dope and marijuana’s got boarded?
Grill nights before them, we pay to have a roast
Assassins is strapped, this the only way the yay grows
More land patrol... riding around with legends
Paying judges off, we’ll be up in New York rapping!

Raise it all up! Bobby, yo
Yeah, I ain’t, yo!
Mirrormask, movie magical, be on top, rumor has it
Words put ideas on track
Footprints, I walk on Earth and appear on maps
Strive at least 2.5 mil a year on cap.
.. on my cap, dime pieces on the lap
Three hundred push-ups a day, put the crease on your back.
Be the captain and lieutenant black man
Who invented chopping samples up
To make the beat that asentenced to
Every genre of music, the whole sphere of music
I produce a range, engineer the music!

Yo, my ear can’t be..
My pen stroke like Zorro
Hit that heavy bag like Foreman in the Congo
Mani transmitter, night vision in the stronghold
Walk long roads, smell snakes with the strong notes
Every time the horn blows, the wu signal is back on
Every time the horn blows, the wu signal is back on
Every time the horn blows, the wu signal is back on
Every time the horn blows, the wu signal is back on

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