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Andrew Kelley - The Black Diamonds Lyrics

Rythme it’s speech
What time reach my potential
I stay on my hunt for my dog track on instrumental
Travel the world, find black diamonds in the ever glace
For temptation slap back in the devil’s cage
To go try in the spot rusher
I’m busting your mind if I could …
Is routine motherfucker
…I clack my music in the chamber
I’m God’s gift or I was born in the danger
Danger cause many face rearrange it
And leave you slap …
Found ‘bout pop ranger
First on the...and bungee-jump on the first scatter
I sky dive and some sky prove after …
When the streets heavy
Temp my champ, chunky
You can got a lot of …
Guess you must be ..
I heard this devils be …
Everyone know it comes …
Somehow you think you get the ..
That one beat
I suppose I should warn you
I’ve been giving a good money
Way back at the ..
Collapse flights night …buy a whole …to Paris
…try to get a new ..
Broke try to get a new…
My body whole could without spirit
My fine is hours
It’s sacrifice to a higher power
You fly from the tower
I fly from the …and buy power
The shit from the ….
The night problem, your life is ours
….you ain’t count, ain’t ..
The six fifty get to higher

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