Andrew Kelley - Legendary Weapons Lyrics

It's a Killah-B color scheme. Staten Island, New York
I flip guns like a stock trader(Get money!)
We gon' rush the floor, we attack like Al-Qaeda
Suicide missionary, black activist
Nice with the tongue, I'm a verbal type masochist
Tall body, my skin got Teflon fibers
Dodge bullets, rock chains the size of barbed wires
Rolled Big Pun, a whole ounce of reefer
Rock that black and yellow before Wiz Khalifa

It's a Killah-B color scheme
I blow mega cream
Been Ghostface before Scream, know what I mean?
Like Billie Jean, lighting up the floor when I walk
This is Staten Island, New York
'87 Cheeba Hawk
No pork, no swine on the rider
If your chick loose or tighter, I'mma still get inside her
Rebel porn star, thick like dick swelling then
Beat the pussy up, leave it soft like gelatin

What the hell is going on here?
Man, I'm not playing, I kick the buff shit!
Say what?!?

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