Andrew Kelley - Make It Right Lyrics

Y'all motherfuckers coming for my head?
You can't stop me, motherfuckers!
I'll wipe my dick on your spaghetti fork, nigger.
Salami eating motherfucker!
I'm getting this money, nigger, for life, nigger!
For ever, and I ain't talking about shoe box money, neither!

She's my favorite girl for years,
She knows the way I proof on
Be cool, baby.

This was my favorite girl for years,
She know how I put funk
Sometimes I pull my boxers down
Ya'll, but one tenth on
It be times, you know I stay away when her friends on
For some reason, she be really hot, when her friends gone
That's when I slide on over with a Guinness on the surfer
To talk a little shit, then get a little closer
Like, what up boo, you know that Ghost loves you
I get butterflies when we hug and kiss, do you?
Huh? Answer me, let me if it's the truth now
That pretty mole above your lips looking cute now
Ooh child, I'm patient, my mind's telling me
To stay calm, I wanna get it off like a G bomb
On top of your skin, I'm sliding it in
When I'm done, you can wake it up and ride it again
Then we can hold on through the night, fan on, covers on
It's bright from the TV light, peace, good night

'cause you make it right, yeah, baby, you know you make t right!
Coming over!

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