Andrew Kelley - Tic-Toc Lyrics

As music calms a savage beast
Sometimes, there's a savage beast without music.

Quiet down just a second
'cause I'm thinking for all the people!

King push, jackpot!
Another level. Razor!

The devil is a lie!
You ain't grow bread 'till you've tasted Devil's pie.
They say his laugh sounds like an angel when he cries
What better camouflage when the halo's your disguise
Them wings don't fly, your traitor is your neighbor
At your front porch, and he's handing you your paper
Bathrobe on, but the sword's underneath
And he wanna see your blood as it pours in the street
It's the mark of the beast
The meek shall inherit the Earth
The weak shall inherit the dirt
You each should have perished at birth
Still born or aborted
Every street tax gotta come with an audit
Either your life, or your loved ones
Straight razor or a snub-gun
From the village where the thugs from
Same corner that you copping all your drugs from
He a hero, but he unsung
I'm the one!

Aye, yo, hommie!
The chamber is twirty...the chamber is thirty
the chambers is 36, they new and improved
Now make a move
These guns whistle, sizzle up dudes who got big mouths, no power
Run in the bank with no dollars, got the nerve to switch crews
We better than the rest of 'em, my guess is the estrogen
And all the money we got, we move like the Mexicans
A cartel, compound, a carvel, a large scale in Skars, Dale!
I fuck with golf now, Shala is ill.
Yeah, the coke is fresh, straight out of Bermuda, yo!
Or chilling on a beach in Boca Chica with tuna
Salads and palaces, yo, we smoke out them chalices
Passing of the balances of bread to the Island since
1984, the blow was just more.
Then we would come trough with rifles rocking Nike boots and war.
A real nigger's invention that came from a henchman
Who blew up, now throw the Wu up, that's my redemption!

Drug dealer, been that nigger half my life!
Drug dealer, been that nigger half my life!
You niggers talking, but you ain't never seen 'em.
Imagine being first name basis with the kingpin.

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