Andrew Kelley - Mt. Everest Lyrics

I make 'em nod like ketamine
See them live might dive off the mezzanine
Ground drama, sound harder than crowd bonkers
I'm 'bout dollars, I touch down in your town, holla
INS, gladiator, call him Hustle Crowe
Son of pro, watch these lame niggers come and go
Blessed with the poison pen
Murder was the case so I guess it's them boys again
Through your duce high, salute I, be the general
The last one to run, I will take all ten of you
I'm feeling myself BK willing to belt
Rocking my shit, eyes on the real wealth
Me and Goldie tell 'em it's easy money
Now shorty wanna fuck, that's sleazy, honey!
Fame call us, money, it change all us
Get it how you live it or sing the same chorus.
The game taught us, nothing in the bank for us
W claim walrus, yeah, Wu-Tang for life.

Was raised on the island of the misfits
The children of the corn snatch your green with the biscuits
It's what you might call food for thought
And what's the killer season if you don't include the salt
This thought will start a feud and leave your whole mood distraught
Used to feel safe until they unscrewed your vault and
Took your common sense out your memory bank
Then dumped on you like missiles over enemy tanks
So hommie, drop slow like you in front of five-O
'cause forks go in a road and your back is where the knives go
While the addicts hiding silver spoons
Being cut so deep, it's hard to heal the wounds
Those flashing don't blast, they still buffoons
Just blowing on hot air, they should fill balloons
Yo, I like them shorties that'll kill for goons
And start a hustle in an April to cop wheels in June.

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