Andrew Kelley - Radiant Jewels Lyrics

Wu-Tang Clan, son, you know what I'm saying?
Listen to the Wu, son, and maintain this!

Criminal kingpins, gangstas and cheap friends
Actors, vixens, niggas put your kicks in
Blood money when we hawking, ackward gun that go around curves
Bullets braze niggas with coffin, yo
Watch how to rhyme with hammers, I got two mens
That don't speak English, shooting game's bananas
Down in Spain, my bangles, clusty, checking my swings
Trillians on, yo, cuffing my jeans
Broad day, yo, body another, my microphone is like
Blow 'caine, one, pull the trees, you love us, yo
So killers be cool, pimps, read rules
When a grown man is rapping, it's Ill Street Blues
Striving, nigger, with one side
Don't go against totally rent shit, nigger, baby gonna die
Yeah, bank robbers armored up, gear like the boys in Heat
DeNiro told one soul to keep quiet.


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