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Andrew Kelley - Ill Figures (AK Eazy-E Remix) Lyrics

Infinite love hip-hop, you can't stop me, like The Rockly
Brooklyn, baby, cool on this...infinite

Real niggers wanna meet me
Ladies wanna eat me.
Money came, Mercedes claim, baby,
Feed me! Love came
Breast up, sweats and tweats
Ride around the hood,
Getting Gati respect
My hand is golden
My OG rolling in golden
Fresh kick, soft leather pockets
Let my jam hit ya tape deck
It's straight up, and made up
For every real nigga with his gun on'em
Hate up!
Flying through the city nice
We flight
Blue ice
Hundred thousand in the night bag
Drug shopping sorry
Atari in the ferrari
Next see the lexus
Shala laton par
Eating you, all of us, skama gangstas
You know we honor
Tip the kangol
Cooling in the ground vanquish


Nobody move,
Nobody get hurt!

Dude, letting it on you,
My nigger with them young boys
Will run upon you
Shoot you, wippah!
Brooklyn nigger, beg for your life!
And my Staten Island hommies know a place
Where your faces can ice
Try walking half in this
Pick the screen up like it's happening
We built for this
Go for your gun!
And then expect another day of your life
I'll murder your drugs!
Big hammer with slugs
It can get ugly as fuck


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