P.Genz - Grandslam Lyrics

Back to the crackheads, the party is starting
Get live up, rocking 'till the party is sky up
Spring back, I hold that, my style's a virtue
Carrying the commercial, we be leading the display to you
Cuts from the D.J's, mic form he say,
Hands in the air, crowds scream he play
We get it on down, baby, I was around baby
We got 'em off, lock up them corps in the outer town, baby
Ladies don't wanna flock it, least they can have pocket
You out here, you looking good, let me time shift
My line split lot of rhymes to etcetera
I shine like a spot light, I never regretting none


Run to the spot and get down
Everybody get in the spot, get loud and get landed
From everyday to the brake of dawn, love is getting here
Send your girl anywhere, let get her in here
Go ahead, show me what you've got!
Get loud, you ladies know how we get down like
Nigger, downslide! Let it bounce like

Nine feet above, heights, we get it enlarged
What it is, homicide, not seeing blind spots
He's not taking the mic, aw, man, hold up
Not taking the mic might be the worst
When ladies see the coast then they fly, and get the dough
And the time ain't enough, I take them all the time,
The party's still going, ain't gon'leave 'till all they wake up
Cops stage up, thinking of ways to gain up
Our ways, the ground forever pays up
Five a day standing in the B-Boys stand up
That's the truth, it's over right now, so grandslam, come on!


Let it bounce like
Let it bounce like
Let it bounce like

Fuck rap, this fucking magic, crowns getting framed,
Looks like somebody got their ass kicked
Mic fold Ann took a bad dick
I post to send plate, but this dirty had his hand in dick
Stay in the tops, fake, Mister Brady ...
Real honesty spills, best to do is calculate it
And for greatness, be boss, I got the place for it

Let it bounce like
Let it bounce like



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