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Roscoe Dash - We Made It Freestyle Lyrics

ft. JTK, Spiff

Critter came in on this beat,
Rapping like everyone else.
I'm guessing I wouldn't be help
If I listen to everyone else.
Number ones, number ones,
Number ones, like where the fuck is my belt?
I ride on my ego,
I make him a song just to ride by myself.
A gun on myself, pop it out.
'cause that is the only way that I be popping out.
Niggers get popped, a lot of niggers popping out.
2014 David Hasslehoff. Champagne popping?
Nigger, mazel tov! Fucking 'round the Cano,
When I shop a limousine, I'm pulled up by the scenery,
Nigger, we made it, Stanches, Dackenoff,
Auto griz, nigger shit, popping off.
Niggers hating, niggers hating, 'cause they not about.
I ain't worried by these nigger, not at all.
Gon'be, helitate, Damn, wacker, we be thinking we irrelevant.
I drop work, what I'm feeling now is pessimist.
How the hell you ain't work, but you president.
My team up 1000. we up in your trousers,
Who you supposed to be, crouchy?
I sleep ... and it's nothing but money
And bitches around me.
If I'm still in your plummbing, I'm killing your floor
And no exceptions, no joke.
They say soda and soda, well,
Y'all don't know the difference between Soda and Coke.

We made it. Nigger, we made it! Damn, we made it!

This shit right here, you never seen,
I'm hungry, where the fuck is Kellis Severteen?
No more mister nice guy, promise I would pet a man
Coming from a pedigree, but I would never leave,
Take a shot, like everytime that they took a shot
And I stayed drunk. I had other games where my ballers pre zip off, ...
Commas, like, wait up! Ah.
But what do I know now?
Like they do not get bitches to low down.
Girls say I'm the cruise Paul Walker.
Damn, tell the driver to slow down,
Did I fuck around and just cruise my ego?
I keep going until the truth is exposed.
And I am the truth, I've been truth from the go.
But how can I grow in loose fitting clothes?
Did you get it? Did you get it?
You with it, you with it?
I got it, I'm popping.
I knew we would make it, I knew we'd make paper,
Profit for profit,
That girl was on here, she was easy,
But somehow it was hard to get off it.
She pull it, she twist it, I flick it, I spin it,
I pass it, then pop it. Damn!
I'm going crazy, I lost it before,
But I'm loosing my head again.
They beg for a picture, for Instagram V,
It's relieve like some medicine head ackes.
They say I'm not the best,
But this what I hear when I ask them who's better then:

We made it. Nigger, we made it! Damn, we made it!

I just have a tour, bitches galore.
The same bitch you ador, the bitch at my door.
Got pigeons and more. You is wife is a whore,
You didn't even know it.
Hang out a question, my niggers they know that they got me.
If she don't come back in the room,
Then she gon'take shots in the lobby?
Is she gon'get friends? I know they alot.
Hey, 9 out of 10, they fucking with Ronnie.
I need a cup of that Lina, my fucking felina.
Maddy, who's gon'get the team, she gon'get that shit taddy.
Now go put that fuck on your titty.
Bugging so good, I ain't mad, these niggers get stuck in the city.
I was out in the ... September was fading.
Then went back in November, like, nigger, we made it.
I remember, you hate it. Fuck it, lets go!

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