French Montana - Paranoid (Remix) Lyrics

Real nigga walk through
Been real, dream team
A lot of cake, bad boy
So rock
I beging high since 94
Money from the ceiling down through the floor
I see my self
I can trust my mind
Damn, I’m so paranoid
I got this my nigga
I make big money, I got big cars
Every body know me
Its like I’m a movie star
Pull me, wraped me throguh my ..i got what...
But my...stronger now for fity niggas
That city nigga, that’s all we have nigga
Let’s give ém nigga
Bullets wrriping throguh my wall I got my ...nigga
But my it’s for the fity niggas
So it’s only rigth we looking down on niggas
Starting as an ending now we zipping
I got barry money, my bitch watching Windey Williams
Bulletproof my ...burning a lot of gas
...just to drop her body back
You talking but my nigga speak a different code
Women love me and say my dick feel like the deeper
Diamonds on my finger I got ...
How many of you niga really be a puppy
Mastre man it’s on the way
We won the game ain’t hundred way
I’ll be so paranoid
I hear this
Real enemyes
I can’t let ém fuck
Ain’t scared to death
I take you
Shut ém down
I hang around to blow you down
Let’s get it
Paranoia got me feeling ..
Cut the ..hanging all around the ..
So you stay behind the ..
I’m a wild niga, I’m a wild nigga
Next time I blow swag, stay at game I roll fity
That he go, it wasn’t last time nigga
Found out when I pick my first goal nigga
I marry the streets
Kiss my mama goodbye
She say seventeen , the way she was thinking it’s that I’m gonna die
Real nigga for life, a nigga for life so paranoid
If they could me hear me he got choosig the car for you
Sinc e the front is building
I relocate my children
Hope the shuters stay focus just make his day ...
Just try to lock all my ...
Scared to pick up my line
My whole time ...lick like they ...
This streets are all that I know
Block hot like ...
Balls we know nigga so get it
You scared like ...
So nigga bullet ...
Watch when I say I lay with my bitch
And chopers still blame it
She probably be down with a hit
Boy, I’ll be so paranoid
I hear this, this try to fuck with me
Real enemy
I can’t let ;em
I’ll be the highes nigga on my city
Hit you with so eshit you never stay on
No one nigag shut me with my diamonts ...
I hear for link, I cut for ..
That car here for hundred thound nigga
That top drop like ...
I head up codeine and let one hundred nigga every minute
They call for us I call they for hundred nigga
No nigga going broke that will never be here
That paranoied got me...
I keep my all head with me
That’s my shutter nigga
Only thing I’m scared it’s what they do to niggas
Just for the love, I’mma do it with you
Close..let him come and view a picture
Yeah, it’s amazing how the time fly
The haters all all the time high
Here, I got twpo thing in the hood working
Death it’s the only thing certain
That’s I I’m not, I aint; scared to die
Ain’t afraid to lose, ain’t afraid to die
The game will distroy you, pretend the loyal
There’s a rule, that’s how will annoy you

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