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Brisco - Hit It From The Back Lyrics

Feat. Flo Rida & Ball Greezy

Where they at?
Come get it!


I hit it from the back!
I hit it from the back!
(You don't know who I am!)

Bad bitch, long weed, fat ass,
Slim waist, shy? Please!
Bust it open, what's it working with?
Bust it open, what's it working with?
She's working roulette, she bounce like jerk, holeeeee,
Got some ass and some thighs on her.
All the niggers in the hood want her,
Get loose, shake it!
She in the stripclub naked.
I hit it from the back!
I hit it from the back!

With them girls in the club,
Looking good with the most o'them,
(Where they at?)
Who wanna kick it in the club
With the niggers with the most cash?


He got some holes in here.
Take off their clothes in here.
Put on a show in here,
Out of control in here.

Crack, crack, crack it open for real, nigger.
Let me see you lift it up for real, nigger.
We got money, money, money, a lot of it.
Pick a nigger, money, he got a lot of it.
On a whole 'nother level with it.
Rolex, big face with the ... in it.
Big bottles in the air, player.
Pretty girls, go and shake what yo'mamma gave ya.


I hit it from the ass in, lot of weed,
I hit it from the ass in, I'm that freak.
Doggy style, like that face ain't gotta know me.
Doggy style, like I'm messing up a low p,
Bitches are all bent over,
And I'm trying to make a beard like in Hangover.
If I gotta get a Benz or that Range Rover,
Nigger, all I apprehend is that game over.
Gotta love me, while I'm backing up, she see me going.
Brass, nickel in my Magnum when I'm back on it,
30 stacks on my gun, got my click going,
I look back, make splash, with the girls rolling.


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