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Mike Schpitz - Sly and The Family Jones Lyrics

What up?
it’s the wrong rule of the mind of the master
The prime pour it design for disaster
A crime penny day, the light heavy way
I Might levitate right through the heaven’s gate
Rhymes record bring next bines and from the bray
Simple and playin like Kanye I heard them say
It’s murder one when you murder track
I’m a dirt back flirting with song bird to burking bags,
My first rap catch your bird a flag,
I’m a certified mack but I’m sure you ain’t hurt of that
Slim thuggin’ them hoes, they’ve been loving the flow
They’ve been hunting from me like he ain’t foking
I’m in season to see of that, I don’t need respect,
All I need is the check, more mike

… this way
On the night and day
Maybe you could

Check one, I’ve been blessed to rack shop
The next stop better check the X box,
I got enough props to shot the block
If I’m hungry you’re not, my stomach is .. block
I’m wrong from dead be gops and rebox,
We concrete dreams of the green is tree dubs up

Leave this way
On the night and day

Mama raised me well but see pops
It’s three o’clock he locked the freeze box
And turned on see your smoothing and P rock
And put it over people I walk for three blocks
Sayin three blocks, I’ll beat for ten years
And tempt in the ship my speed to fifth year
My career is close is what I fear the most,
Well I hear my own folks when they clear the smoke
I feel fearless but feel the post of hip hop
My nature is strature as toxic vin rock huh
I’ve been plotting in the skeme, of watch
I got a man cross over with a ring to shot

Huh, I’m on top of the arena box
Time flies, all my team is cleaning your glock, huh
‘cause it’s the braise when I breeze and by
Like season and I don’t even see the trial
My rhyme .. give for me a green to fly
I see you pick the slide, when I’m creeping by

I’m still the best, the rest just say me
Can’t get enough rest, ‘cause the rest is slick
On the skills when I blessed to be is just me
No rap, better is classic just me,
Coolin the rock and bells and those in Jack lack
And LM putting on back on the map
Top city is back on the map but
Matter of fact, we ain’t never had that
So I’m on the B, what we need and now
I’m a lead to town, till we keep the grounds,
Still a king, guillotine when it sound the ring
My gestures pressure when I’m applying the pain
Huh, my mom frames but blink so no things
Until you place money up inside of the bank

Leave this way
On the night and day

‘cause I’m a

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