Giftz - Statement Lyrics

I’m tired of being humble, nigga look what that shit get
Two tapes in it and then a niggato spit with
Told to team I gotta I just need em to stick with
my word is my word and I’m bringing the click with me
Third done you gotta swip it up you better run
Keep gun and pussy still double the slungs
Came from the bottom, remember hustling drugs
Shaking dopes in the crib, before niggas knew what it was
Ask free, we were selling cope, I lost out
Ask that, we was knocking niggas to f*ck up
Ask I will know a jim ¬Ďbout his ..
Ask Ace our whole hood I know you a tough ¬Ďbout
Hundred street, nigga we run the street but you boy stop
¬Ďcause we don¬ít believe in teachers, you boys talk
Shit we don’t believe in speakers you boys talk
You tweeting believing we from same clothe
Same boss, I’m just taking the bigger work,
The guns that I shot, you don’t even know how to work though
Yeah I had a job, I was serving going to work though,
mad get paid for shows, is all work though,
how to tell the mom, you know my Benz hate
how to tam the money, I think it gets faded
fucking model, why your fam like the bitch famous?
I heard you fucking Louie too I say that’s ..
aiming, crazy our niggas changed up
you would think they all would be happy seeing your change up,
looking at you come from the bottom, oh how you came up?
rather see you feeling the hood, do you wanna say stuff?
I guess I disappointed them niggas,
I know the crown when they see me take appointments with them niggas
In the interview I swear the boy you ain’t know, that’s my nigga,
Used to bag me for a verse, you don’t know we gonna figure
I’m talking million dollar bills over sushi and no Ethan yeah
And another calling my phone giving the feed back,
Couple labels feel up asking ??
Numbers on the table on less and I keep repeat that
Every day by drop top ten,
That’a amazing I have the balls on me
Ain’t do no drilling I put bars on it
No sir pop features I had spies on it, high body but I got skies on em
They tell a tale like a tattoo,
And niggas you gang banging and hang with,
Ain’t got a tal but a rat too

Low key will follow my nigga, and we still rock
.. coming soon,
Bang bang bang

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