Mars Jackson - Just Some Shit Lyrics

Relaxation lets your conscience be free
¬ĎCause in this world the top is where you¬íre finding me
Lost hearts ain’t golden, still mind stay potent
My grand emotion, half pure emotion
Compared to the dopest MCs like Karmin, Big L, LZ
Both Js, Lil Nass and Yasin, some of the coldest that’s ever been seen
That’s where the matter’s finest, newfound prince so I respected the highness
K9s gold touch, word to king Midas, but that golden touch will leave the liquor lifeless
Yeah, they use discretion, loyal to the righteous
Uncle doing 15 on indictments, free my OG, his wisdom timeless
Keep my head up, stay on assignments
Make sure you read everything ¬Ďfore you sign it
It’s a long road when you tryna be iconic
Hard work a foe when it’s about this timing
Hoes will see their soul for them Instagram diamonds
Nigga, am I lying?
King Mufasa, no symbol, I’m a lion
Fuck waiting on them, man, we trying
ACS on the map, look, we flying
Front niggas and bitches stay whining
Many faces, no image, now who shining?
I ain’t even have to try, why you settle with?
Mars Jackson, motherfucker, how you chill, bitch?
I guess they want me to keep going
I guess they want me to keep flowing
Hey, my talent, fucking show it
Halo over my head, yeah, that bitch glowing
Ratchet bitches be talking, they be knowing
On top of the city, this is Pittsburg shit
But on top of the world, Lucasburg, bitch
High class on that ass, join the club, nigga
I’m a starter motherfucker, you’s a stub nigga
With a sub bitch, sub-rent her out
I started from the mouth, then I dug her out
I’m what hoes in the city be talking about
You are what these broke niggas be yapping about
Y’all flexin’ in this bitch, I’m finessin’ with this chick on this hyped, chill shit
Got a half asking bitch who only talk numbers
Say Mars, I’m in your life for this ignorant summer
¬ĎCause I¬ím in LA in October and my shit getting colder
And these lames steady rapping and they shit is so old, bro
Watch them snakes, nigga, I hate cobras, watch these bitches with all fucked up personas
Look, I’m tryna own shit, tryna do shit
Why you think I¬ím ¬Ďbout to drop this hyped chill shit?
Get out my way, y’all in the way, nigga

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