Papoose - Stonogram Lyrics

When I was out in Brooklyn with ‘em shouts ringing out
You was at your job with the mouth, bring it out
Ah, janitor, you’re amateur,
where that boy from? (Where?)
We ain’t scared of you!
When the East is in the house (East Side)
J-Rule to damage you!
Amateur, times to grind I was designed (kill!)
Mind on my money, my money stay on my mind!
(Come on, come on!)
Dwag, we’re the best just like …
What’s up, son?
I’m deaf, dumb and blind,
Decline, I’m in my prime!

He yo, P,
Man, we gotta do this shit is strong!
Let’s do it!

I’m about to make strong roll over in this race
I’mma make Papi blow something in the cage
Can’t believe I’m gone, man I hold it in the pain
Left me by myself, I ain’t rolling with these lames!
I’m rolling with the gage
Boy went missing when I told him to behave
Blow ‘em off this stage
like every time … the last brains,
Could have free more
If they had known they was slaves!

See, I wanna hear…
Everybody sound different
The verses just grab me
Like owww!

They should do it bad with the BT deciphers
So … Lupe Fiasco can eat all these biter
We recorded the verse whenever they afraid to be like us
What make them think that he nicer, I’m the BT sniper!
(What?) See, he tried to shit on us, but he ain’t even the type of nigga
So he shitted on himself, bring him so dippers!
Uh, real New Yorker, I read the paper, eat at the diner
Rip a … ticket that they leave on my wipers!
Keep a pocket knife as sharp as the teeth of a tiger
Went through the system, they never took my snickers on…
Cause what he sees in hospitals, fire, stations and prisons
A … oxygen mask for breathing
Only reading when we define militant meaning
Rookies with a badge and a bad breath stopping, freeze for no reason!
(What?) The wild cowboy drown, mastered the art of reaching
The forensic evidence fingerprint wiping gun cleaning
Drug addiction poetry, overdosing the feeling
Crowded …calls after a dying man screaming!
The devil gonna realize that he gonna continue scheming
Till we fill … with the blood of one of his demons
It’s hoodie season!
Bring in the singing, come on, come on!

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