Rick Ross - Own It (Remix) Lyrics

Master mine
Rick Ross
Double up,
I got it
I got you homie, uh

On the corner Iツ値l follow like Iツ知 in barnies
And bet like a brick, now the people is all on me,
Haters wanna harm me, navy and the army,
Snitch you snitch bitch flitch Iツ知 ..
D boy chatter, kids all leather
Maybach music, Rolls Royce weather,
She my dream girl, my face ..
Shut gun and my new seven
Standing in the rain swimming put kids on
Throw the peace sign praying that you live long,
Be long like the nation in the Z long,
Income that will make it in this song,
But visuals is what a nigga live for,
Really cute like never have to feel for,
And really till you said I was the real to the real boy,
Outcast and the fat boy, killed off,
Roll still speed out in the dirt roll,
Master mine all white Gツ痴 on,
Uh! Mix on, Ross

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