Lloyd Banks - The Plague Lyrics

You rock to me? You rock to me
You address me in the form of rap

There ain't a MC that can see him
They take me out, see my ghost in the Colosseum
I bring you these doors while I'm proceeding
Fog up the week, major weed smoke, screaming
I've been sent here, the style I'm kicking next year
2000 on my sweat ware meanwhile I never slept, yeah
Wilding out on jet gear, true violent, you get left here
More sour dreams, see my respect clear
Tossing CVs, Frisbee the fresh pair
Million dollar mami, probably have her later
The killings on your hobby, the bodies of Jamaica
Weed, shoddies, 2 0 12, party like the mayor
The dummy gave me a shot, now I'm a player
Play your cards right, eat with the god
It's complicated, thousand features involved
They money hungry and my sneakers a prob
Tin spraying on the beach with your broad
That's where your crew came
Each and every popping to meet with the mob
Hero in a hoodie, hardly dodge attention
The leader of your lynching down on the benches
Hard days spending every night like it's a party
Chip on my Fendi shoulder, take it out on everybody
Back off vacation and they hell of sloppy
Don't ever spar me, that's grim, take out who led the army
King lifting up your world, got your queen to spot me
You living shady to see my vision, give me Versace
I spot my morning over three vanillas
They rolling up for me, not even jealous
Rhymes the energy, son of a heedless marriage
Tell the niggas I rule them, school them, they need the credits
Who knew I'd be attending gym and they ain't fitted
Got my first check, Hussein Bolt, to the bank with it
Shorty would be Banks, drop split, plank visits
Back to where you'll never go, rebel living to great limits
This ain't your win, dog, I gotta win
Time to bring this motherfucker down again
I see you up there, nigga, F.N.O
Getting faded everyday ‘cause you never know
I need my liver, I could never die
South side niggas, got to let us by
Which anyway, money by any means
Back to doing my thing, signing the fuck out, Queens

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