NIPSEY HUSSLE - The Weather Lyrics

Most the time when the rain just starts pouring
By how we grinded made the weather change for us
We rolled through but we never changed for ‘em
So smile for us when you see us drive foreigns
Niggas watch us ball stop and stall nigga not at all
I'm popping bras with Tiny Hog at the shopping mall
All money in the squad or I'm not involved
Can't pay the cost to floss I just watch ‘em floss
SL's with the topping off
Dress well when it's time to ball
Couple hundred for my boxer drawers
Young nigga used to shop at Ross
First to shoot when it's popping off
Couple times a nigga almost got popped by Ross
Crash unit buzz cut ex marines
Crenshaw and Slauson Ave at 17
Infant Stone, Lil Shady
Made a go for fans like a demonstration
85 Cutlass with the 380's
Summertime functions that made streets crazy
Shoot it out, that's what this crew's about
Hanging out the Cutlass window with the Ruger out
Prove yo self-killers in pursuit of clout
It feels wrong but who is you to doubt?
Look my master plan was buy a pound then move it south
And hopefully one day I'll put this music out
Tripping now seen how it's moving out
I'm buying spots a nigga moving out
My fan base I see ‘em moving south
I'm overseas eating fucking croute
Yeah, so I can tell you what this hustling's bout
I couldn't tell you what no luck about
I had maps on my wall, nigga
Dope sacks in my drawers, nigga
Look, a lot of stress I couldn't rest not at all
A nigga risking everything tryna ball

Gotta let it breathe
You can put the weed out, Double M
Niggas get it then they fall off it’s ‘cause they all soft
A nigga like me started at the car wash
8am to 10pm that's on a rainy day
Wise words from dope boys meant everything
They say it's levels to the street life
Then I scene the bezel with that pink ice
All natural momma tell you to be careful
In the trap trapping to increase capital
No longer cruising with the windows down
Hand on the pistol anticipating a riddle sound
I'm Kanye when it came to yay
Jay Z when it came to keys
I'm snoop when it came to weed
So now they wanna Biggie me
As the credit rose now the charges federal
Money bags I’m placing up on the pedestal
Still on the block in my Reeboks
You ain't even know these was the Basquiat's
You ain't even really know who really call shots
Worldwide master mind number one all charts

Reporting live from the land of the hopeless
Representing for the team that won rings with no coaches
We stay strapped and be cocky so don't approach us
Price Johnson with a big gold chain and Louis loafers
Been hiding guns in the sofa since Toy Soldiers
Thunder Domes up at Hyde Park didn't nobody know us
We took all fades our introduction was from the shoulders
We was kids honestly we just needed someone to hold us
Grinding hard on them corners became bolder
Fascinated by the cream all we wanted was Range Rovers
On the block politicking with brain blowers
Real niggas that got love in they heart but can't show it
We live and die for the fame and the lights glowing
Fox Hills buying Jordans but still the pain's showing
When I die put me next to the dead poets
Tell ‘em Gog had a plan for me and I didn't know it

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