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ROCKO - Strange World Lyrics

Strange world, strange world
Strange world, strange world
Say, say say say.
Strange world, strange world

They we’re livin’ in a strange world,
I say you changed,
Different world, I mean different girl
Different hurtle
Do that make me Jack eternal person
I mean I didn’t feel worse
This is more than a verse,
I mean, I’m just thankful for making all alive when bullets disperse
Blood on you conversed,
What’s wrong with our .., can we converse?
Verse that will cut down on the hurt
And minus I’ma hurse,
All the rest in p shirts, that’s right I go hard I’m tryin’ to come back
The back inverts and I’m being homie for real
I’m like a ex-verse, I mean a blood L work
They say I gotta put in less work,
Uh, but I’m so hands on
So how the network Rock ..
Told man, let’s rock
Let me see how that work?
Gonna be

Strange world, strange world,
Strange world, strange world
Strange strange strange
Strange world, strange world

I make this music hearful, whoever in their ear?
but shit we’re gonna persevere, (live through me)
Force .. attention in the …
In the same particular it’s me,
They believe me I am how they perceive me,
I put my soul into these lyrics this a new ..
Lead by example, it’s just like I’m ample,
I use a gun, I can make my worse like I’m ..
Cut up the .. and said I won’t come out ..
But my niggas, I swear my eyes on the sparrow,
Last shit but I never did this
This sure not .. selfish,
..it’s minus the glass that .. I speak for the map
This one, teach one, I should teach classes,
Mama told to be a preacher, granny said I’d teach her,
So being I’ma born in lead,
I do this for my people,
Maybe that’s the reason I was blessed ..for cab,
You could let to me mind, I ain’t gotta go through that,
I don’t care if I don’t sell one .. off the shelf,
Once as I know, I kept it real myself

Strange world, strange world
A 1 since day 1
Strange world, strange world

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