Tree - 32 Shots Lyrics

I start to shit up 4 in the morning now with my bitch up,
Dragging and scrabbing, I tell her get up
Niggas outside, 4 pick up, the one on the side no 4 sticks up,
Crazy as bishop pain, go bitch up as I hick up
94 living, 94 for last see this click up,
Might be as people, I kind of figure right in the hand
Go in distance, can’t rap above in the dealer
Gave us the smallest, I took the figure, tryin’ to throw the stone,
Nobody pimpin’, nobody spone us, you whisper
They came through the game, people let me slip em
38, that’s what I be, kiss to her face,
Let me to death, words that I say, lights off
Two different calling, sitting we wait,
And there’s no doubt they coming up to stairs like it’s no ..
Money in the crib that I’m here, maybe it’s falled out,
And I know how, made you down in 4 pounds,
Let’s get down, for the fulled out,
Come in this bitch and be like you know how,
Couple more seconds and then it goes down,
When they go down man.

Then I got in position loaded my shit that I
Chain of the back up, let the spliff and I
Can’t wait the dough and forget to open
Shit it the same, shame but steady folk,
Same is the day but livin’ can never open
32 shots can do and hit the soda,
2 shot high but others ain’t lower,
Yeah, didn’t come near me, out the day older,
Meet me at the same moment,
Smoke the strange older, hurt the glass break
Shot through the door and the fast break
Ain’t made the fast break though I got one of them ..
Ex-man, seen the smoke dealer,
Took the sheets off the bed couples and the kilo,
Rap your face and the drug stop,
Friends to the window, let up the truck by,
Back in, I put em back in, truck stop before she lets ..
I seat them back then, put on the gas that took the back in,
Trunk L well my collapse in,
Brought in the window, death forever, we on the third floor,
Off in the .. the scale and the smoke and the flame,
It’s getting near,
I jump, rap for a hand, she shoot lose our land and awkward,
Bones that I broke, many was too, she wouldn’t listen
Fire and hands spread, do have the kitchen in the front,
Neighbors outside, they yelling jump and I ..

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