Yo Gotti - Breathe Lyrics

I am
Aye this that street classic nigga
Streets talk

Reason to doubt a nigga, uh
Reason to doubt a nigga
Uh, reason to out a nigga
Reason to clap a nigga

Living in poverty no reason to doubt a nigga
Grew up listen the J, college drop out like 'Ye
Brought in jail in upstate, yeah he serving a 8
Mama worry and stressin’, meanwhile I’m happy
Adding on to the problems, thinking I’m solving em
Mama I don’t wanna see her hurt no more
Got a plan mama you aint got to work no more
Family struggling, niggas is hustling
A reason for reason, they blaming the government

Tryin to stack cheese bigger than the government
Two twins bricks and I call em the doublemint
Immigration laws, I don't fuck with it
I got Mexican friends and the streets loving it,
I got plug and i ain’ t talking bout with a gang set,
Colombia shit, nigga I can go direct,
Grieselda Blanco nigga, the head honcho nigga
Hundred bands on your head, to show that ain’t your nigga
Put a ring, or it ain’t your bitch,
Put in work on that mission or it ain’t your lick,
Put your title on the line, or that aint your whip,
you got keys to the crib what ‘bout ownership,
huh, boss shit im on another level
rollie watch no stones, sky dweller
AP rose gold, that’s a buck 80
All I wanted was a key of coke and a new Mercedes
I was born in the 80s , get money in the 90s
I’m a real hustler ain't it
Baking soda pot, watch it rise and rock
Taking it to the block, seven hundred a pot,
Niggas raising stock, holla calaca
Shout out to my Dominicans,
Ridge Crest like Afghanistan, we militant,
I am, I am, the cravy.
I am king
I am the streets
I am .. quality street music
I am.. November 90
Yo Gotti
I am ..exercise of you nigga.

Thanks to Bri for correcting these lyrics

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