LIL WAYNE - Level Lyrics

Man all these p**sy niggas drive me crazy
Make the sick to my stomach I feel nausiated
All you haters hold hands and jump off the building
I can still, taste her p**sy memory belia
Back Pack fulla artillery
One need no equivalent
These niggas acting like little bitches
I don’t understand this shit like you scribled it ..
Take a close off, step back and exhibit it
The tare ass up like a parking ticket,
The end of the road is in walking distance
If I had to get that blood of my hands left the fosit Dripping
in your face I got air bag in the car collision
my weed man so consistent,
I stand rich tryin’ not to make pour decisions
Everything I planned it out, like a solar system
Nigga if you clumsy, you go sleepy fallin victim to me,
You bitches system bitches like you system to me,
The shit you rover to my house, I scoot over in the bed
I shoot off in her mouth and she bit the bullet
Uh, skate on em like I’m little Wayne,
And the weed so strong, I could feel pain,
Wrote it down, take a picture now I feel afraid,
The drug got me so numb I can’t feel ashamed,
And the girl in my home with the move swaing,
Girli gotta make a few runs like you sayin’
Bitch I had a penny from my dog from some new change
Hungry niggas going at your neck, for that full chain,
Pock some fools that make me sleepy,
Hoes treat me and they tippy,
I hope that p**sy taste like Kiby
Hope it’s nice to do the tahitty, hopin I could live it freely
Live a nigga by the flow, with a mouth full of ..
What’s at my Louie bag that’s itty,
Snitches, give me the hibby G b’s
I hope they just appeal where te f*ck is just ..
I got niggas on my side, you got niggas on your back,
I’m a young timber, money growin trees, money over queens,
F*ck you blow me, I say back enjoy the breeze,
Hoes pretty and then please,
I don’t really do shit, but seat back and call the shots
She poured out the heart, I had it on the racks
Red beam on your head, that’s a cherry on top,
You don’t wanna keep it cool, I know niggas that will doubt,
Uh, I dance with the devil in my dreams,
When I wake up I still hear the same song,
Make me wanna blow, motherf*cker brains out,
flow want a nigga, I’m about to brain storm little nigga
I’ll take your main hoe, make her call a home,
Girl, make the shadder say dick,
It’s the motherf*cking dedication five,
I just hope I be alive to see a dedication six,
Lil Tune.

What up Slam!

Hey yo what’s level to the shit?
Level to the shit,
Been doin in my A sis, levels with the shit
And niggas though I’m on another level in this shit
Ain’t petal with the six, full metal on the hit
All I need is a shavel in the ditch
You to dig me a whole, and you show me where it is,
Running the show and show me where the kids,
Oull one in his dome, why he going in this fridge
That’s me, hit nigga,
Back peas, AP go trip nigga,
Black jeans, great team, old teams nigga,
Back street everything go for teen nigga
Keep quiet BF we defy
I’m in the streets like running the king’s rights
Mami the bals that we retire,
On that old bullshit, P Myers
They scream and seez fire, my auto ball like god father ..
I’m fallin in the whip, roll the three six, devil y’all in trips,
Shots, whistle like a cattle in his lip,
I’m tryin to go ballistic, shadow in his ship,
Vaught the bonny .. in the whip,
Made a kick ras, bull hades from zip locks, uh.

What up Vado?

Thanks to cleo for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Lil Wayne.! for correcting these lyrics

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