iLL Zee - Who Am I Lyrics

Its on...
Just give me some on the headsets
Ait cool
Uh, I aint even gonna write this one done
You know
Ya'll think a nigga don't cry, come'on man
You know we all go thru certain things in life that make us stronger or weaker
But yoh this is life
And they'll tell you this is life and life goes on

Verse 1
Sitting here looking back at my life, its full of regrets
A non-smoker I just finished a pack of cigarettes
Trying to ease the stress, maybe weed will help
So I can get so high, touch the sky be with my angels, yes
Lost so many angels, momma screaming that's the sound proof
Daddy keep an eye on your son, he's on the loose
Feeling like I been abused, by life
I gat nothing to lose, so I ride
Regardless of the lane
They say I'm heartless I don't change
They figured I don't cry since they seen no tear stains
Tell you, man sometimes I feel insane
Do my best to hide it so they don't see this pain
Sometimes I wanna cry but my pride won't let em slide
So I hold it all inside
And my girl be telling she can tell its killing me inside and its hard
Dealing with all these changes I'm having a hard time accepting
They say its all God's will so I let it go, let it be and respect him

But its hard man, you know
But ey
You know when you by yourself its just you and your thoughts and you thinking....
Damn!!!!!!! Life
Wait, Listen....

Verse 2
Ever been so angry and sad at the same time?
Dealing with death and trying to keep a sane mind?
So you fake fine, feeling like I died eight times
My girl be my crutch I don't cuff these fake dames
But its getting dangerous
Our hearts are out there and they racing on a straight line
Last time she left me I was feeling like a villain
So I'm thinking if she really leaves, man its gonna kill me
I always had a problem of letting go
I love em all to death but I aint letting em know
Its killing me inside but I aint letting it show
I jusss put it in my rhymes and let it flow
Tell God (to) put his hand on me and let me glow
Ma momma on my mind "Who Am I" till I make her proud
Haters gonna try I go bluuuuh, make a heavy sound
Still gat dreams of sneaking up to heaven, see my dad, see my cuz, see my sis... Steal em back
It happened years ago, man I'm still grieving bad!

But you know how it is man, you gatto live
But I swear man, I gat a nephew and a niece
Anybody try and touch em, a nigga will swallow hot steel no figure of speech
Shout out to my brothers man, em niggaz in my clique
I'm out

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