LIL TWIST - Amsterdam Lyrics

Wake up without care
Let’s go

I’m living out my dreams, I went from rags to riches
From the high style niggas and them blaze hating bitches
To ¬ďwhat up Tweezy F, what it is, how you living, doing fine¬Ē
Wish I could ask the same but see the difference
You niggas weak, just peasants beneath my feet
Still wondering how the Twizzit turn the effort into a means
How we turn that good girl into a freak
How we turn that lil’ house into a mansion, and that tool into a fleet
Here beats, I know, y’all just caught it slow
Learning shit as I go, rapping all on the road
From the school of hard knocks to sex and rock and roll
Got me doing hard drugs as far as nobody goes
Popping pills in the morning, pills in the evening
Niggas check my pulse just to see if I’m still breathing
But the stress getting heavy on my shoulders, got me leaning
First it started as a dream, now I just wish that I was dreaming
Wake up!
Smoke some

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