Kirko Bangz - Vent 2 Lyrics

Rest in peace little snoop
IÂ’m trying to chase the same dream as they offer them news
I never met you but IÂ’m affected man as fucked up dude
Niggers I hear killing niggers and the niggers in school
LetÂ’s get the go cause they canÂ’t go if they donÂ’t carry a tool
And gunshots top pray the baby why she prayed on a fool
I donÂ’t turn on the news
They didnÂ’t turn us to fools
If you get shot nobody help you
Rather world start your wound
Niggers will piss on your tomb, regular sis on your room
Niggers assisting 2wqith this bitch
Shit when did this shit turn cool?
We ainÂ’t got enough room and got no teachers in school
And they create diseases and they say the reason is you
I donÂ’t believe in your truth I donÂ’t believe that you shoot
But if you do this just my body when my spirit is loose
I pray to God to find some kindness to forgive me I knew
When I get wrong is cause this world, they donÂ’t believe in you
I got some pleasing to do, I gotta feast on this Luke
I ainÂ’t material but when you got shit people listen to you
My real fans tell me “Kirk I need some lyrics from you”
I got some real shit but that real shit ainÂ’t appealing to you
I got them Eminem roots but I ainÂ’t never seen Roots
Hating the TV as a young until ignore shit I hoop
CanÂ’t tell the last time I hoop I can tell the last one I screwed
CanÂ’t tell you a verse on a Bible I can tell you a verse when I snooze
And I ainÂ’t grow up in church, but I ainÂ’t no different from you
That nigger got like 20 years, he been in church since he two
My nigger acts all you cool, I got a Fendi like do
DonÂ’t be getting sentimental, donÂ’t I look like IÂ’m cool?
I fuck the girl of my dreams I got the car of my dreams
I got the crib of my dreams, but IÂ’m so far off my jeans
I feel like wanna be a star and took my heart away from me
When I play basketball I swear I work way harder for me
But I ainÂ’t caught up in me and yeah your daughter is sweet
But I donÂ’t want her to think that mama left her father for me
Some shit be bothering me, man donÂ’t be loyal to me
Cause soon as you show me you love me I destroy you delete
And young to show you too much love cause they will love you and leave
Man I ainÂ’t faking, itÂ’s just no longer you important to me
Was the first person they see when mama had her first kid
I had them braces on my legs, I was four as can be
I walk straight but now I see in that foreign black thing
Talking how everybody do it, donÂ’t fuck up my regime
IÂ’ve been daddy too long, I need some help with the team

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