Trouble - J Hudson Lyrics

They say IÂ’m crazy, right for the crazy nation .. like that
Blood been too much .. they ainÂ’t new it that
Always there for the music and nice spread the word,
Till the youngers, thinking their game is sweet, thatÂ’s absurd,
The first day in the streets wonÂ’t be like first day to school
Getting fresh tryinÂ’ to be cool but around get struck with that tool, uhh
They ainÂ’t the prettiest sight to see,
Just be yourself my G it ainÂ’t no need, tryinÂ’ to be me
Go her on the .. I used to think and bleed as I did
‘cause the high.. no I’m .. I meet em like that,
Till I found out who was broke constructed
To make Benz meet, so the home the sort of things to do was go hustling
Busting of course, keep goes IÂ’m just no one of course
And nothing, ‘cause for hoes niggas get frontin’..
they playinÂ’ the game dirty
Chains found out that it wasnÂ’t worth to taking that .. real shit I wish I could ..
In a better place, lay stuck with your gut homie
Be ..the day .. on the wood homie
J Hudson
Straight up, straight up

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