INSANE CLOWN POSSE - When Im Clownin Lyrics

When Iツ知 clownin I get silly
Like something lace my Philly
Been known to pop up
And cap a check with Billy
When Iツ知 clownin
My heartbeat pounding
I sweat so much Iツ知 drowning
Because my showツ痴 astounding
And they go drape Iツ知 drowning

When Iツ知 clownin abracadabra
...what have ya?
Quick slay the hand Iツ値l stab ya
Demons crawl out and grab ya
When Iツ知 clownin thereツ痴 plenty laughing
Blood on the walls what happened?
A massive murder stabbing
Cause you canツ稚 hear Iツ知 blabbing

When Iツ知 clownin come alive
And donツ稚 know when survive
Of the live rig I dive
And this shit ainツ稚 no job

When Iツ知 clownin Iツ知 psycho illy
Snap at your icy grilly
I owes the mob a milly
But cannot cough a chilly

When Iツ知 clownin
Mad hoes Iツ知 springing
They want my ding a ling in
They singing I keep my head just swinging
When Iツ知 clownin Iツ知 supersick
Hoes on bumper shoot you quick
Why you? Cause you said...
Pokeツ弾m use a stick
When Iツ知 clownin Iツ知 head VIPower
Mad energy devoured
The whole milky way soured
Let my acid rain snow on
When Iツ知 clownin everythingツ痴 a joke
That angelツ痴 wings are broke
So hot just peaking smoke
I freak this till I crock

Fresh out of Covington Georgia
Running with a half shit
Itツ痴 boom box with a 2 wicked
Damn it brown
Show them on the underground how you get down with
The clow

When Iツ知 clownin
Take a hoe anyday to the face
Anything on my mind
Right now been a race
I chase that chase have
A nice day race
...get that thing off my face
When Iツ知 clownin...
Huffing on balloons
Got Rihanna spending rooms
Like I soon got me hulling at the moon
When Iツ知 clownin
Your molly wanna wet main
They know Iツ知 standing around where I say bate
Drop her down low
Bring her back for a diva
But for you...
When Iツ知 clownin
Mother go by deuce in my vega
Shorty like a mess got me moving a persona
I donツ稚 know letツ痴 go pass the ball around
Them hoes getting pound at wanna be clown
Clownin clownin

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