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Kyle Lucas - Once Upon A Time In Mexico Lyrics

We gotta get you down to Mexico ASAP

Sunny did I ever tell you that story?
That story about that kid that went to my high school
I was like yeah I was like I was cool with him
Swear it’s true man
Yeah that one I swear it’s true man
It was before I moved to Atlanta
No no I promise it’s a true story man

Wanna hear a story?? I got something for ya
Got a little story about this kid named Jordan
See Jordan was cool in knew him back in high school
But you know the story takes place when he went to Cancun
He graduated ’05 and ’06 he left
Made his way UGA and then I ain’t seen him since
I heard he do the great money he was doing just fine
That is until the season turned into spring time
You know spring break kids try to escape
Catch rays in the beach till the skin is in the ray
All the pills they can eat coke on a plate
Too high to realize what was bout to take place
Wait! Hold up! let’s try to take it back
See Jordan was a follower so Jordan joined a frat
And Jordan wanted friends and his parents had the cash
He was an only child he got everything he asked
At first it was cool ok he jumped through the hoops
It was weak while the other brothers treated him like trash
He integrated fast even though it was the cash
His grades started to slip he ain’t give a shit
See Jordan feels like this is where he belongs
And he’s convinced that his other brothers never do him harm
Well he got ahead of himself
Let’s get to the part where perception all melts
And fast forward to what I mentioned before
It’s only party more when you got the next joke
Substance overload prescription’s on the low
Factor in this little thing called blow
Aw yeah that pesky little habit
See they all had it but this ain’t after it
Didn’t think there was a problem cause this is average
But they all addicts with the money to match it
So 200 brothers travels in time
They took a taxi ride to the rough side of town
These kids were your typical brainwashed receptacles
Saw Scarface like one too many times so
They wanna make a quick trip south town
And found some dumb Mexicans while they ass and bounce
Across the pan well it never pan out
Last thing you know they both tied up in a warehouse
It’s just a hard sale working hard as hell
They ain’t even know they guy that try to rob this cartel so
So while they figured out what was in store
Then Tom gets loose and then he bolts for the door
But two shots then he dropped to the floor
He died right away blood poured through his pores so
Of course, yo Travis starts freaking
And selling out his brothers and betraying his allegiance
He tells them the spot the frats all staying
And if he lets him go he’ll make sure they get paid so
That’s not the game that we playing
They shot him in the face for unloyal behavior
Meanwhile on the beach while Jordan was out of reach
Him and the crew went after the brew
And they were lost in the substance and substance abuse
And it grew to the point he was lost and confused
Then he passed out in the sand woke up around 2 AM
With no friends they just left him to snooze
They thought it was funny they took his phone and his shoes
His wallet and passport, keys to the room
But he didn’t really know what to do
So he just got up and he started to move a little dizzy
When Jordan started walking found a bar at the beach
At the end of a walk
A Spanish girl she came up and started talking
And he wasn’t pod cause normally he’s just awkward
Not tonight he’s convinced he’s pimping
She’s buying him shots and the drinks he’s sipping
Says her name’s Maria she’s a ditty old vixen
Hold his head for a minute then she starts mixing
Little white powder right in his cup
He passed out an hour later then they put him in a trunk
See this is where Jordan went wrong
Turns out she was working for the cartel all along
Travis sold them all out betraying the bond
And Jordan was the easiest target to rob
A day later he woke up on the ice and the tub
Kidneys missing and his body was numb
He looked non the floor saw the body of Travis and Tom
But he couldn’t move and he couldn’t talk
He’s in and out of consciousness head keeps ringing
But right before he died he heard Maria singing

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