Kyle Lucas - Still Sunny Lyrics

I now you miss me!
My name is Kyle Lucas
It’s always sunny…
Oh, it’s here!

OK, this one is for the days when you got nothing to do
You wake up brand noon, coffee fresh pot…
I’m rolling up Js, fresh pot for two
Cause this new girl I got, laze around all nude
She says she hates clothes, so who am I to dispute?
And she’s a … at me, who am I to refuse?
And you can judge all you want, if you were in my shoes
You know damn well, you would do what I do.
Yo, I appreciate you patience while waiting on this mix-tape
I took her… decide to get my shits straight.
My flow never dope though, sharper than a Swish blade
And you can hear my hunger cause it rubles in my… cage
I’m dealing with these politics, I went a lil insane
I ain’t here to play, so fuck you and your sick game
It seems it’s all I got currently at this stage!
I’m trying to make a million just save no…
You… sign that contract, blowing your advance
On a luxury Sedan just to impress your friends
Then she hits the fan, next you lose it all
Well people still here, I could count at one hand
And that right there is precious, that right there is a blessing
Trying to … more in a section
Cause more is perception, you gotta figure out
Whether they got your best interest or one upon a guest list!
Bitch, buy a fucking ticket! Or you don’t wanna support
OK, well find rocks and kick it!
Have a chance that offend you Well, fuck it! I’ll risk it!
Fare where the fans got, damn, good riddance!
Well, some people think it’s cool, yo, music in the studio!
I’m trying to find the balance, back in school, yo!
One thing I do know, by bills keep on calling,
So I’m trying to get my wallet way fatter than a sumo!
Persistence was spitten, I figured how I do so
Regie … I’m one hell of a dude, though
And shouts out to me when the verse cuddles.
And they don’t think I do though, tell them, kiss my culo!
I take the lessons that I’ve learned, skills that I’ve got!
I mix it in a pot, and they I still got a lot
Left over to say, so I pray up to the top
And I’m… but you don’t wanna talk!
See, this year I showed a lot of heart swimming with these sharks
Dealing with these snakes it even left a couple scars
And I’m trying to make my mark, and it’s hard to beat the odds
Honestly, it’s like I’m playing darts in the dark
And I can’t find a target when the.. from the heart
They don’t accept you unless you rap about cars
You gotta dumb it down, make my bars up…
Fuck being a star, I just don’t wanna starve, yo!
What I’ve gotta do just to get my point of crossing
Why you’re trying to talk? Homie, point me to your boss!
I’m about to kill the game, get some bleach in the…
Bring the lime and some gloves, homie, we ain’t getting caught
I’mma kill ‘em on a mission
I’m like Dexter with the pressure, point
I’ve been killing rhymes, even if I got a lesser voice
MC … and the pops start category
Fuck the world! Attaboy!

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