FEEDER - Descend Lyrics

Sitting back I only wishToday will turn out fineAnd wash away the stainThe poison in my eyesWhat do you recommend? I feel my life descendingI'm falling out of reachCatch me as I bleed (again)Im not insaneCan't reach the painChorus:If I could be all by myselfI could be meIf you could see, live with my painThe thoughts that I keepI hate the way they areTheir patronising thoughtsTried to get inside my headAsk the question I have readBut one thing makes it hardFeel so fragile as I crySo confused yet so aliveSo abused the system liedYou lied to meI'm not insaneCan't reach the painChorusAlone ....aloneHands appeared around my neckFelt so hard to breathe I staredAs my focus turned to hazeI could see themI'm not insaneCan't stand the painChorus

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