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Bow Wow - New York, New York Lyrics

Fuck with me
Fucking with me
Do your thing Bow!
It’s Mister 106
Mister take your bitch
Ain’t no slick
Got this stupid wretch
Platinum Rollie on it
Homey you can’t hear it tick
And I don’t trust nobody
Crip stupid living room big
As a hotel lobby
Protégé snooping
boys got me confused
See I ain’t nothing like
These other 26 years old dudes
i done sold more records
fucked more bitches
Been in the game the longest
And I’m still the richest
Grammy’s with Madonna
Hit the boy been hot
I like my toes tall and thick
Just like tube socks
They got a thing for this young nigger
Right here
Getting sex on the jet
Blowing smoke in the air
I pull up the griff yeah
Ferrari California
The whole top missing
Watching chain glistening
Balling like as pistol
Now we all it dollars
Imma a dummy with the money
I’ll be going retarded
Backing them ghost’s
Back the business, I’m focused
Niggers talking I fell of
Whole career I’ve been coasted
Putting up numbers like Lebron on niggers
Took over BET I’m on my grind my nigger
Pulled up for 2 freaks
Heading back for the crib
Hoping we be
Nigger let me know now
Just keep it G
Cause i can roll a blunt
And take my ass to sleep
My time is money
So I don’t waste it
I stay on myself
Cause niggers be on that snake shit
That fake shit
Far from average, I’m great
Bitch...see me at
But don’t say shit
My homey held the weapon
So my hand stay clean
Kinda hard to stuff
25G in your jeans
And that’s a 4 58
That is not a 360
It’s big difference
Cause you boys is not fucking with me
More or less Burke
Say the money is good
We have off top
Let’s get that understood
Getting money everywhere
Jordans I got every pair
And I’m always in a nice spot
Why you don't be there?
Sucker, broke boy
Get your bread right
Bad bitch, whatcha head like?
Shots and it’s over
Spilling deuce all over the sofa
We’re having conversations with cover nigger
Shit, we was over in the UK
Watching the shows at B K
We was backstage
You know how Busta play
Tough flow with the devil
That’s where Busta stay
Swear to God
All these rap niggers is lame
They all wear leather
All dress the same
All rocking Cubans
Niggers got the same chains
Just No creativity
Now that’s a damn shame
Rolling the O
Just in case you ain’t know
But raised in the A
Shout at its own folk
Got a girl in she bad
Fine as hell
Big all ass like K Michelle
Cush getting low
Don’t you hate that shit
I don’t start tripping
Don’t you hate that bitch?
Got the Fay with the waves
Don’t get sea sick
Louie Lofus with the linning
On my lay back shit
I’m gone

I know this shit to be everywhere

Thanks to jace for correcting these lyrics

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