Kanye West - Black Skinhead Lyrics

For my theme song my leather black jeans on
My by any means on
Then I’m getting my squize on
End of the kingdom
But watch me, bring on
You see I’m a black with a white women, at the top floor they go and kill king kong, middle packed
They skip on me …
Just fallow the …I can’t split …
Saying me I’m overreacting, like a bad kid …
Pick up the … like a Rolex
They could be living in that moment
They could be living in that moment
They could be living in that moment
So fallow me up, everything I’ve been ..
I’m doing good, out of control
But it’s nothing to sold
Running out of time, just for a wile
Follow me in the morning, in Arizona
I keep you honey like a Rolex
Making me living in a moment
And you know it, you know it
This it’s the …
I’m a wolf …I’m a king
They nigga won’t doing this
What do you say …
Four in the morning and I tell you …
Three hundred girl and you know it,
We should living in the moment
We should living in the moment
Keep it going, keep it going
So fallow me up cause …I don’t care
I’m out of control damn
When I wanna solve down
And they totally crash

Thanks to geo for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to emokidd for correcting these lyrics

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